ViSA_Virtual Intelligent Study Assistant

Evolving in a comfortable study routine, Investigators and Participants can be much closer to each other.
ViSA (Virtual Intelligent Study Assistant) is a multifunctional module integrated into ECS that can better connect all study stakeholders.

VISA can network study starrings through:

  • Planners and agenda reminders
  • Vocal Assistance
  • ChatBots
  • Reminders and Push Notifications
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While every efforts made for Study Protocol compliance could sometimes be not sufficient, ViSA planners and calendar set up can esily support study journey compliance. Easy interface and reminders/pop-up are maintaining all study stakeholders on the same wavelenghts.


Participating in a study has never been so easy and straightforward. Participants daily life will not be bothered thanks to ViSA Vocal Assistance. Worried about forgetting the Study events? Let ViSA kindly reminds you with vocal reminders allowing conversational dynamic to help you in your daily study duties.


Do you need some help? have you forgetten some aspects of your study? ViSA AI can support you dynamically with integrated ChatBots that could drive you. Do you have any troubles? Ask ViSA for help!


Sometimes the study implies several tasks to be completed. Participating in a study has never been so easy thanks to ViSA Functionalities on reminders/notifications. Keep your agenda under control and stay updated with an evolved Study planner.