Our mission

Evidilya is a Sprim Health Group Company. At Evidilya we generate scientific evidence, tangible solutions and trusted results in the fields of disease prevention, quality of life improvement and therapy support, thanks to the unique scientific expertise gained in more than ten years of specialty experience with Sprim Advanced Life Sciences. Today, people are well-informed about the risks and benefits of health products. Dedication provides strong experimental evidence to establish causal relationships between products and health benefits or disease risk.

We observe and interact with people, listen to their needs, then design research services to collect the information and improve global understanding of the healthcare landscape

Health product innovation is essential for our customers. We can offer services that support your product research and development. We can evaluate and improve different aspects of your products design, meeting your needs and those of the people your products have been developed for.

We add value to your products by applying the Evidilya product 3D approach:

  • Inside the product“: a vision of the product related to the composition, with particular focus on the active ingredients and formulation;
  • Around the product“: an evaluation of dosages and packaging;
  • Beyond the product“: an analysis of the specific health landscape, with particular focus on people’s behaviors and needs, and the economic and competitive context.

At Evidilya we turn people’s needs and trends into reality, using the best methodological approach.