Data Capture Module

Looking to engage with and manage remotely Participants through Digital Health while having access to their health data in real-time?

Looking to manage eCRF, eCOA/TeleCOA, eClinRo, eObsRo, ePerfO, ePRO, Health Surveys, eDiary, PRO/ePRO, PROM/ePROM?


The Data Capture Module can handle and roll out in an innovative and certified way all these tools with a superior user experience.

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Integrating telehealth with other virtual health solutions and in-person/hybrid/virtual care models, to improve patient/participant experience, convenience, outcomes, and affordability.


The remote management better engages patients/participants in experiencing the study journey, and gives the doctor a clearer window into their progress.


A comprehensive flow of D-T-P (Direct to Participant) and D-F-P (Direct from Participant) processes for IP delivery and adherence eTracking, thanks to the direct connection with certified courier for sample delivery & recollection to and from home.


Flexibility and rapid set-up time of eCRFs that facilitate the collection of accurate observations and reliable findings, and support transparency by providing real-time access to data.