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Health Data Records and Deep Dialogue Technology

Looking for a solution to speed up data collection and analysis in retrospective/prospective/ambispective studies? Health data Records DeepDialogue has got you covered.

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Retrospective/prospective/ambispective studies often rely on existing data recorded in clinical center databases for other purposes, leading to a lot of irrelevant information. But with our HRDD/EHRs-EDC integration tool, you can easily capture and import only the data of interest into our electronic case report form (eCRF), saving monitors valuable time.

At Evidilya, we convert big data databases and electronic health records into smart data storage through electronic data capture (EDC) and eCRF. With powerful natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, we can clean and analyze coarse data to extract evidence and insights.
Our data source is Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and the dataset is at the center of our process. We use a project-customized algorithm to communicate with EHRs and identify specific data relevant to our study.

Our massive and automated data import process selects study-specific information from the documents within the data source. This selected data is then processed by the algorithm, which converts health records into electronic case report forms (eCRF).

The eCRF is then imported into our Electronic Data Capture System and converted into smart data. This process allows us to efficiently and accurately collect and analyze large amounts of data, leading to valuable insights and improved healthcare outcomes.