Datacare System

In an extremely competitive global market, health companies and products have to be able to withstand the close scrutiny often associated with the industry. Claims are rapidly becoming the point of market differentiation and clinical research is essential to win consumer confidence. Our expertise enables us to efficiently face the daily challenge of translating science into market opportunities.

We believe in technology support as an indispensable tool for directly reaching subjects involved in a research program, and for improving the benefits worldwide through connected solutions

These are resource-intensive areas and often involve repetitive, manual processes for collecting, aggregating and rationalizing information from a wide variety of data sources. It is difficult for CROs, nutraceutical companies and medical device companies to organize and manage the large workforce required, as well as medical appliances and other resources.

The CTMS with its set of modules, intelligently caters to this complex need. Information islands generated by different appliances have to be collated, and CTMS makes this possible through data migration modules. This allows sponsoring organizations to proactively manage their trials by appropriately streamlining processes while comparing different platforms. Hence, CTMS helps to improve operational efficiency and bring down overall time and cost requirements.