Lucah™ App

Welcome the unique Virtual Study Assistant: Lucah™ is a leading technology that can smartly Collect participants’ health data & easily Connect them with the study staff. This solution can be virtually customized into local language and applied to each study configuration (RCTs, RWEs, Health Surveys, PSPs), to all medical specialties and to every health product categories.

It has advanced graphic interfaces and UX design for a real life «white glove» experience.

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Creating a comfortable Journey when the Study is oftentimes a burden in our fast-paced society and busy lifestyle.

The multichannel collection of Participant’s health data at the touch of a button: eQuestionnaires, audio/image/video capture and wearable device integration.


What if the Participant misses the IP or an assigned Study task?
Forgetfulness is a Human feature, not a bug; so here is how Lucah™ can help.

Schedule Study Events and Tasks and set reminders/notifications to ensure the Participant’s compliance and retention are maintained throughout the Study Journey.


24/7 support to Participants as soon as they come up.

Participant – Doctor interaction through Telehealth access, in addition to Chat/Voice Bot for addressing any doubts or concerns at the click of a button.