The new pacemaker (evidence) generation

It’s been 60 years since the first implantable pacemaker was introduced into the market. Today a new monitoring process is available for patients and Hp’s: Medtronic – whose founder created some of the first pacemaker models – has designed a mobile app that enables pacemakers-communication via mobile phone or tablets.

It consists of a simplified system that eliminates the need for any other kind of remote monitoring hardware. MyCareLink Heart app collects data that are encrypted from the patient’s heart device and sends them to the CareLink network; in case of anomalies in the heart activity, an alert is sent to the physicians in order to intervene as fast as possible.

The MyCareLink Heart app is compatible with the company’s BlueSync technology-enabled pacemakers. It delivers information such as transmission history, battery longevity and updates on physical activity. It tracks and records the patient’s vitals (weight, blood pressure and heart rate) and allows a better understanding of the general health status over time. Moreover, it features helpful information about the general living conditions of patients with implantable cardiac devices.

”For the first time, pacemakers have the ability to communicate securely and directly with technology that patients use every day like smartphones and tablets,” said Aisha Barry, vice president and general manager for the Connectivity & Insights business (part of the Cardiac and Vascular Group at Medtronic). “This brings the benefits of remote monitoring seamlessly into patients’ lives, potentially leading to enhanced and more efficient patient engagement with their physicians”.

Needless to say that security, in order to protect the device and data transmissions, is guaranteed