The Evolution of RWE Studies in the Modern Era

Real-World Evidence (RWE) studies, also known as observational studies, have evolved over time and play a crucial role in understanding the effects of medical treatments and healthcare practices in real-world settings. These studies observe participants in their natural environments without any intervention by researchers. The objective of RWE studies is to explore relationships, associations, or effects and investigate the safety, effectiveness, and real-world outcomes of medical interventions. Additionally, RWE studies help in understanding disease progression, natural history, and identifying unmet medical needs and gaps in care.

Advancements in data collection methods, technology, and data analysis techniques, as well as the rise of generative AI, have significantly transformed observational studies in recent years. Some key developments include:

  • Big data and electronic health records: The availability of vast amounts of digital health data, such as electronic health records, has enabled the conduct of large-scale observational studies.


  • Improved data analysis: Advanced statistical methods and machine learning algorithms allow researchers to extract meaningful insights from both structured and unstructured data.


  • Real-time monitoring: Wearable devices and mobile health applications enable continuous data collection, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of observational studies as it’s possible to intervene in a reactive manner.


  • Regulatory recognition: Health authorities and regulatory bodies have recognized the value of RWE and observational studies in complementing traditional clinical trial data for decision-making.


Evidilya is at the forefront of the evolution of RWE studies with its end-to-end digital platform called the Evidence Capture System (ECS). This innovative platform facilitates decentralized and virtual RWE studies by enabling remote recruitment, onboarding, data collection, and monitoring according to protocol specifications. Evidilya’s native app, Lucah, is a key feature of their offering. Lucah not only facilitates efficient electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePROs) collection but also evaluates body data through its connection with health-connected devices. The app is powered by chatGPT4 to provide a supportive study participation experience for users through automatically draft personalized messaging.

In addition to these advancements, Evidilya has taken decentralization to the extreme by implementing interactive supply chain tools and telehealth modules for home delivery, recollection, and off-site visits. These advancements contribute to the seamless transition towards decentralized and virtual RWE studies.

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