Tech Giants’ Healthcare drive

In the next decade, the healthcare sector will be affected by important changes. Just think of personalized solutions, the improvement of diagnostics, digital technological advances, the advent of AI and much more: these are all happening rapidly before our eyes every day.

Due to the enormous knowledge and expertise gained in the analysis and usage of big data driving digital innovation, it appears that the tech giants (by which we mean Amazon, Google, Alibaba, Microsoft, Apple etc.) will be making a crucial impact in this sector.

According to the findings of the “Driving the future of health” report, conducted by Strategy&, this phenomenon is already happening: in the last five years, they have registered over 3500 patents, and the number of investments has increased twelve times. In addition, they have entered the diagnostic and prevention markets with their own products.

Moreover, most people are willing to receive healthcare services from Tech giants, and to use their health digital solutions (even more so if approved by National agencies), as described in the “New Health Economy” report by PwC’s Health research institute (Hri).

This prospect makes it necessary for big pharma to face the new, emerging reality and to take strategic decisions very quickly. This is crucial in order for them to play an active part in this revolution and also to be competitive in the markets.