Evidilya People-Centric Approach: our biggest resource!

Do you know what it means to be a global digitally-enabled Health Data CRO?

At Evidilya we transform a research into a real participant Study Routine, driving the way of the new era of evidence generation and innovation thanks to our disruptive e-Health solutions and trials management capabilities.

Our CRO model is based on a unique and innovative approach implemented by two research platforms: the Real World platform, capturing dynamically the real-life evidences in post-market and the Clinical platform, empowering the Clinical research outcomes collection from Interventional Studies.

Here in Evidilya, we stand with a dynamic structure and organization that allows us to operate worldwide, especially in EMEAR, Asia/Pacific, Latin America and North America area, unleashing the powerful of Evidence Generation in both Pharma and CHC arenas.

Our ECS-Evidence Capture System based digital solutions, can be either applicable for Centralized Studies’ milestone acceleration, as well as to smartly deploy Hybrid-DCT Studies, setting a Virtual research environment.

The pillar through which Evidilya is continuously accelerating Health innovation making Health research easier, safer and more accurate is the Evidilya People-Centric Approach: we drive studies according to our PHYGITAL-CROWD enrolment strategies, Participants and Study Stakeholders Virtual management Platforms, D-T-P (Direct to Participant) Concierge Support Programme.

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