Covid-19 Clinical Research Coalition

With the aim of accelerating COVID-19 clinical research in resource-limited settings, a Global Coalition was established, based on multinational and multidisciplinary expertise and clinical trial capacity.

In a recent comment published in the Lancet, the objective of the partners – scientists, physicians, funders and policymakers – was announced: to work together in synergy in order to fast-track research that will generate evidence on Covid-19 prevention, diagnosis and case-management.

Considering what has been done for the Ebola vaccine trials, the Coalition would facilitate rapid and joint protocols by ethics committees and national regulatory agencies; it would cooperate to facilitate approvals for the importation of study medications and materials; it would also identify a standardized collection system for key data able to ensure a robust analysis of the efficacy and safety of the interventions tested; finally, the aim is also to establish a governance framework to share outcomes before publication.

Last, but not least, the International research Coalition encourages collaboration with organizations ready to contribute existing capacity to its project.